Nightline is a listening and information service operated by students for students of the University of St Andrews. Currently, we aim to have two volunteers of different gender identities available by phone during term-time from 8pm to 7am, by IM during term-time from 8pm to 12am, and by email 24/7 year-round . Our volunteers provide a confidential, anonymous, non-judgmental, non-directive ear for students who just need to talk.

Callers and emailers can get in touch to discuss anything and everything that may be on their mind. Subjects students may bring up include, but are certainly not limited to, academic stress, depression, loneliness, self-harm, discrimination, eating disorders, sexual abuse, worries about a friend, bereavement, relationships, sexuality, housing concerns, pregnancy, difficulties with flatmates, alcohol and drugs, family problems, suicide, disability, bullying, debt, just needing to unload a hectic day…

No subject is too big or too small; if it’s on your mind, then Nightline will be there to listen.

One of the unique aspects of Nightline is our volunteers will never direct you in what to do or offer advice, but they will actively listen and be there to help you talk through things on your own terms and in your own time.

Nightline principles