Nightline principles

Nightline operates in accordance with five principles.


All contacts to Nightline are dealt with in complete confidence; we will not divulge information about calls or emails to anyone outside the organisation.


Nightline will never ask for any identifying information, and any information contacts may give us will never be acted upon. Similarly, our listening volunteers also remain anonymous, not only to contacts but to the wider student community.


Nightline is there to listen, not to criticise or make judgments about any of our callers and e-mailers. We respect the views of anyone who reaches out to us and will maintain a safe and judgment-free environment to talk about whatever our contacts may like.


Nightline is not an advice service; we will not direct a contact or advocate for any particular course of action. We hope that our service provides those who contact us a chance to explore and vocalize their thoughts.


We understand some topics may be difficult to share; Nightline will always remain supportive and sensitive to students who contact the service. To contact Nightline’s administrative team, please send emails to [email protected] instead of the anonymised e-listening account.