Skype is a service that allows anybody to speak to one of our trained listening volunteers for free, from anywhere in the world. Calling us via Skype redirects the call free of charge to our phone hotline so you can speak directly to one of our volunteers.

You can find us on Skype by searching StAndrewsNightline. You can only contact us via Skype using voice call. Messages and voicemails to our Skype account are not read or responded to but if you want to chat with us via Instant Messenger.

Like our phone line and instant messaging service, our Skype service closes for the summer and winter breaks.

If you call us via Skype, your Skype username will be recorded in our Skype call log. This call log is only accessible by the Director and no other volunteer will ever see this log. The call log is cleared regularly and the Director will ensure that they do not consider or take note of the usernames of those who have contacted.